Journey Jumpstart Preview Week


Start curbing your cravings in 7-days, as you explore foods that will "crowd out" your need for sugar, chocolate, chips, etc.

In addition, you will:

  • Explore the ways in which the foods and drink you currently consume are affecting your life
  • Learn tips and tricks of incorporating healthier habits into your life
  • Collect healthy recipes for your cookbooks

I will provide you with a meal plan for the week (that you can use or not), support and guidance, as well as daily posts and motivation to help you get through the week.

My approach stresses balance.  So you will not hear (or read) me telling you to deny yourself the things you enjoy.  Rather, you will receive my guidance as you spend time listening to YOUR body and integrating healthier components into your life, so you can start feeling better about yourself.


Jumpstart your Journey today!
Cost: $29.95