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Health Coaching

While on YOUR journey towards a healthier, happier and more balanced self, you may benefit from support, accountability and guidance.  Health Coaching provides you with this, plus so much more!


Cooking Demonstrations

Seminars & Workshops & Groups

Seminars, workshops and groups are an easy way for you to learn more about health, happiness and balance.  I will soon post opportunities for you to attend one of these!


Get Movin'

For those of you looking to incorporate exercise into your journey, check out these resources I can offer you!


Journey Jumpstart Preview Week

Join me for a preview into what your health and happiness journey can look like!

* Explore the ways in which the foods and drink you currently consume are affecting your life
* Learn tips and tricks of incorporating healthier habits into your life
* Start to curb cravings
* Collect healthy recipes for your cookbooks

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I'm interested in staying connected and keeping updated on programs/services offered by Your Balanced Journey, LLC!!