Created in 2018, through a desire to help people find a happier and healthier self, YOUR BALANCED JOURNEY, LLC, provides support and guidance to people on their journey to a happier and healthier self.  One size does not fit all, so my approach is to focus on YOU as an individual and work to create a program with you and for you, that fits you, your needs and your goals.

As we journey together, I will encourage you to listen to your body to find the nourishment that works best for you.  In addition, we look at how the non-food aspects of life affect our eating.  We will focus on finding balance on this journey, as the “all or nothing” approach to health and happiness can totally detour people from finding success along their journey.

Overall health relates to so much more than the food we eat, or don’t eat.  It relates to how we live our lives and how satisfied we are with that life.  Therefore, we will spend much of our time discussing the ways non-food, or primary food, factors into this journey.

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